Friday, 5 June 2009

Microsoft latest gaming experience

Came across the latest gaming concepts from Microsoft on the LSN website. I have searched and searched on previous postings but to no avail regarding my thoughts about Nintendo and how they decided to reinvent themselves in the gaming industry by going in a totally different direction to the gaming industry at that time. The physical experience of a Nintendo game on the Wii is fantastic. Granted the novelty does go down hill quite quickly as there is not really the complexity needed to keep you coming back for more, but the jump in thinking about questioning the style of game play and how we as people can, and do interact with games was changed forever. They in someways took alot from Japanese culture and the huge popularity of gaming arcades which have a huge array of interactive games. Allowing you to become someone else.

The Microsoft concept takes the movement even further and in the video really merges many different life events together with their new offering. I am not sure if it will take to consume our lives quite as much but still a very powerful piece of branding building. 

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