Saturday, 24 January 2009

Water Palace - Jaipur

Everything is food

We have recently been working on a research project in the personal grooming sector. The findings which we hope will guide us in a future project have been quite interesting. I remember as a child going on holiday with my family. While I was getting caked in factor 50 suntan lotion, there would be bronzed europeans coating themselves in coconut smelling lotions which I am sure had the factor of chip fat (if their skin colour was anything to go by).

This theme has continued to evolve both in the suntan arena and also more recently in the shampoo sector. The flavours of shampoo's have become more and more exotic, but all centering around food based ingredients. You only have to look at companies such as Garnier with their list of ingredients including 'mandarin zest', 'honey glucose', 'kiwi water', 'fruit oils', 'green tea', and 'ginger' to name but a few. This food based ingredients are a very interesting phenomenon. Even more recently L'Oreal and Schwarzkopf are naming their shampoo's 'smoothies' to further merge the two together.

In reality these type of associations are an obvious link to make. For example if you can eat the ingredients then surely those same ingredients are going to be good on your skin and hair???

Thursday, 15 January 2009

New Form of advertising

My first post of the year. Firstly may I wish everyone a very happy new year. I spent christmas and new year in India. It was only for 21 days but I had an amazing time. Went all over the place but I particularly liked this new form of advertising in one of the holiest of cities of India. During the next few months I am going to be publishing a number of other images and posts to share some of the things I have experienced. Hope you enjoy them.