Friday, 30 April 2010

the seed factory

seed factory - chapter

Got some images back from Jorge Lizalde today, for the seed factory workshop that we have been working on with Ange from attic 2. Really happy with them as they capture the day really well. You can see more of them on my flickr account. Have a few more meetings and workshops to do with the project but looking forward to getting to the insights phase of the project.

Shoppers 'greenwashed by misleading eco claims'

Following on from my last article about Puma I came across an article in Metro by Fred Attewill. The article discusses a recent report by Which? who have been involved in investigating a number of 'eco' toilet cleaners, laundry tablets and nappies. These products all had varying degrees of 'eco' claims.

Tesco's Naturally label noted it did not contain hazardous chemicals, so by implying others in the range did which is not the case, since the report Tesco has changed it's labeling. Other companies such as Ariel and Persil have used logos suggesting they encouraged greener behaviour which is not been proven. The problem is obvious in a consumer sense, how can we be sure what we buy is the best possible product? in terms of not damaging the environment or improving it when there seems to be very little regulations to bring companies and brands into order?

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Puma thinks outside the box with eco-packaging

After two years of research and designing, Puma have changed their shoe boxes. The new venture aims to cut water and energy usage by up to 60% and it is hoped will save up to 8,500 tonnes of paper usage throughout the company. It should also mean a reduction in transportation costs due to the lighter packaging. The article written by the BBC, has some nice quotes from Chief Executive, Mr Zeitz about the future of the company and it's goals to become a 'sustainable' environmentally responsible company.

"Over time we hope to be 100% recyclable, but at the moment we want to reach standards that are achievable today,"

"Business is part of the environmental problem; and we need to do what we can to fix it - companies need to lead the way.

"Meanwhile, consumers are becoming increasingly discerning in their choices and we need to address this too."

I think what is interesting about the article and the views expressed by Mr Zeitz are the realisation of where Puma are in their development. It is refreshing to hear a Chief Executive of a Multi-national company saying that they are not perfect and they have alot of work to do. The article does raise other interesting questions regarding it's involvement in motorsport's which seem to be in opposition to their new 'green journey'. There seems to be more than meets the eye and maybe another gimmick?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

in the air

Came across this last night when walking past Howells. Made me smile in the current climate.

in the air

Friday, 16 April 2010

Lovely service

Design networks in Wales - why they come and go, and why they are essential to become leaders in the sector

I must apologise about this blog before I start as it will be a bit of a rant... Over the last few years we have seen networks, or loose collaborations join together to create and engage in various ways. On one end there have been evenings such as ignite and pecha kucha which are fundamentally knowledge transfer events. Through to informal quiz nights such as NakedWales' quiz nights, which are a general get together's and an opportunity for people to meet and become acquainted with like minded people in similar fields. There are other regular events setup by Cardiff Web Scene, and the yearly Design Festival to name a few. Then there is a sea of different people all trying to do what seems like the same thing.

Creative Wales, NOCCI, Cardiff Graphic Design Network, Design Wales Forum, these are just the ones I can think of from the top of my head. So what am I getting at??? Well could it be that the diluted nature of the community is leading to the creative industries not being taken seriously? Is it that the lack of a voice within Wales to fight for creative industries through an actual live breathing network/community could lend a huge amount of weight to funding applications, changes in the sector and general changes. The ability to share knowledge gain contacts and generally raise the standard of creative work in Wales. There also seems to be a reticence to 'join in', from first hand experience trying to support ventures such as NakedWales, Cardiff Design Festival and more recently Creative Wales. These events are hard to get people involved and contribute, and even getting people to actually just turn up is hard enough. So the question I guess is two fold:

- Why do people not want to involve themselves in events that will help them professionally?

- How come there are very few doer's

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Font trip - 2010

Just got back from two weeks in Fontainebleau. It's about my fifth trip there but it is the first time I have been out there for so long. The weather was brilliant save for a few days at the start. I managed to get up this problem on the last day just as it got dark doesn't get better than that.