Monday, 27 September 2010

TESCO mobile phone offer

A recent television advert struck me from Tesco mobile. In many cases for all the wrong reasons. For many years there has been the constant battle within mobile phones for the latest model. While Apple has not really changed this at the moment I wonder if this might be the case in the future? with the advent of the touchscreen tablet type phone. The 'whole' package is now very different. The design of the phone is not everything. The phone is now the portal into a world that is multi-program system that allows you to play games, play music etc. So now that the phone can update itself is the actual physical element of the phone about to change. Will we now become fond of worn phones, like we are with our favourite t-shirt or trainers?

Can this be a way of extending lifetime of electronic items in the future? So bringing this back to the tesco advert, and the question of when business is responsible within a marketplace?

Late at night

night time
Took this last night when waiting in the car struck a memory of a painting by Edward Hopper called the Nighthawk. Not as grand but still very much like it.

Bouldering lifetime achievement


This is one of the all time classic boulder problems at a place called Stanage. Right nest to the path. It's not the hardest in anyway but it is beautiful and pretty tall without a rope. I managed to get up this during my holiday with Alison, was a great feeling getting up one of me long term goals. I had been to Stanage a number of times before, but I had never managed to get around trying it. I think I might start a list of climbs and see if I can tick them off.

- Crescent Arete - ticked

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Conducting Interviews

Empty Shop preparations

Over the last few months we have been doing a number of different projects that has required us to interview people. As they say interviewing is an art and the very best people manage to get huge amount of information from people.

I can across this piece which covers the basics really well. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Public spirit

After the exploits of igfest (which I still need to blog about), I decided to go climbing to stretch out the muscles. I was not looking forward to it as I thought it would be a rubbish session, in the end though got up a fair bit and felt alot better for it. When I finally came around to catching the bus home I saw the ticket stuck on the window of the bus stop.

I already had a day to go so couldn't use it, but it did get me thinking about this and whether it is a good or bad idea etc. If for example someone developed a system that openly tracked where tickets were people could exchange tickets all the time bringing travel costs down massively. However the reverse of this is that this would in turn increase the original ticket price. There is something to the social idea of it and how people can exchange rather than sell.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

ARK LAB games day coming up


A quick plug for something else I am involved in. On October the 2nd ARK LAB is running a mini games festival if you fancy coming along. check out the blog here.

Why do you clean paving stones?

Well the development on the High Street leading into St Mary Street is coming along, it's taken months to get around the corner below where I live but I am finally managing to have a slightly more peaceful nights sleep. That is until a new noise has introduced itself into my life. For the last few months a company has been asked to 'wash' the newly laid paving slabs. It happens from around 11pm and goes on for hours. With the worse and loudest generator powering the whole thing.

cleaning streets!!!
For your own health avoid these vans.

- firstly I have to ask why do you need to 'wash' paving stones?
- secondly it's not just water it is soap as well?
- thirdly if you are doing it do you have to repeatedly have to bang into the fencing time and time again just to make sure I am paying attention.

cleaning streets!!!
Sounds dangerous I wonder if it melts rubber tyres? also it's not wet because they have just been washing the floor it's just rained which seems to have done a pretty good job of washing and cleaning?

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lovely film about my passion

Although an obvious advert for Pod Sacs love the feel of this video, and makes me feel how I feel climbing should be.

Podsacs North Wales Bouldering from Podsacs on Vimeo.