Wednesday, 7 September 2011

playARK - Games festival and talks - 30 September - 1 October

As most of you know thinkARK have been meeting at Cardiff Arts Institute every wednesday for nearly two years. During that time we have created loads of events and projects that have tried to bring the people of Cardiff together. You can see some of the projects on our website. This year to celebrate our second birthday we are putting on a great event centered around games, learning and play called playARK. The day is split up into two days. The first being a series of talks surrounding games and storytelling and how people are becoming participants as opposed to mere spectators. The speakers, are a great range from Alice Taylor (formerly channel 4), Matt Locke (founder of storythings), right through to Dan Dixon who will be talking about games for good.

The event is perfect for anyone wanting to know about the latest thinking in interacting with customers and how storytelling is key within that. 

On the second day there is going to be a great event where people will be able to actually play a load of games. You can see a video of a similar day we did last year that will hope fully give you an idea as to what the day will be like below. But this year it is going to be alot bigger. As well as the street games you will also be able to play the latest board games, and digital games and even relive your youth by playing retro games.