Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Cardiff Design Festival 2008 - NakedWales launch

So the Festival is just round the corner and we are busy producing the exhibition for the festival as well as this though we are also arranging a get together for the design community through the NakedWales website that we run. We are looking at Tuesday 14th in the Bay somewhere. We should have all the details confirmed tomorrow so look out for your invitation by email of course.

On another note we are hoping this years festival will be bigger and better than ever, so look out for some other the other events such as the Ball at the end which is sounding very intriguing.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hoffi's opinion - Creative Choices

It was a while ago now (even before we refurbished our studio), but Creative & Cultural Skills have produced a website called creative choices. As the name would suggest it is all about careers and development in the creative sector. Through their cultural leadership programme they came to our (Hoffi) offices to ask our opinion of design and in particular bilingual design and the unique problems and opportunities it represents.

It is always horrible seeing yourself on the tv but we hope it helps people make a decision on their futures and hopefully will increase interest in the design sector in Wales, both privately and also to a wider public audience.