Monday, 27 September 2010

TESCO mobile phone offer

A recent television advert struck me from Tesco mobile. In many cases for all the wrong reasons. For many years there has been the constant battle within mobile phones for the latest model. While Apple has not really changed this at the moment I wonder if this might be the case in the future? with the advent of the touchscreen tablet type phone. The 'whole' package is now very different. The design of the phone is not everything. The phone is now the portal into a world that is multi-program system that allows you to play games, play music etc. So now that the phone can update itself is the actual physical element of the phone about to change. Will we now become fond of worn phones, like we are with our favourite t-shirt or trainers?

Can this be a way of extending lifetime of electronic items in the future? So bringing this back to the tesco advert, and the question of when business is responsible within a marketplace?

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