Thursday, 22 April 2010

Puma thinks outside the box with eco-packaging

After two years of research and designing, Puma have changed their shoe boxes. The new venture aims to cut water and energy usage by up to 60% and it is hoped will save up to 8,500 tonnes of paper usage throughout the company. It should also mean a reduction in transportation costs due to the lighter packaging. The article written by the BBC, has some nice quotes from Chief Executive, Mr Zeitz about the future of the company and it's goals to become a 'sustainable' environmentally responsible company.

"Over time we hope to be 100% recyclable, but at the moment we want to reach standards that are achievable today,"

"Business is part of the environmental problem; and we need to do what we can to fix it - companies need to lead the way.

"Meanwhile, consumers are becoming increasingly discerning in their choices and we need to address this too."

I think what is interesting about the article and the views expressed by Mr Zeitz are the realisation of where Puma are in their development. It is refreshing to hear a Chief Executive of a Multi-national company saying that they are not perfect and they have alot of work to do. The article does raise other interesting questions regarding it's involvement in motorsport's which seem to be in opposition to their new 'green journey'. There seems to be more than meets the eye and maybe another gimmick?


Simon said...

I included this as part of a presentation on ecodesign to waste/environment experts in the Welsh Assembly Government last week.

a few sticky questions..


Julian Sykes said...

@ Simon

I would be interested to hear your take on the journey of puma, and also how things fit into a bigger picture. There are a number of issues in the story that are very interesting in the BBC article, but I feel that it is a bit glossy in terms of how it reports it.