Saturday, 6 June 2009

waitrose essential range

Over the last few years one of the iconic new magazines that I have had on subscription has been Monocle. Firstly it's size and design for me are miles apart from other magazines. Also the feel is of exploration and the articles well-versed coupled with a second magazine of Manga at the back and you have a truly engrossing magazine. For me the photography within the magazine is particularly strong particularly when they are looking at trends and bring back pieces and place them all together. I was struck by the similarity of the latest Waitrose essential advert which for me is very similar in style and feel. 

On another tangent it is also interesting in a branding sense with Waitrose Select Farm being incorporated into the essential range. For me this seems to be inline with recent trend analysis we and other people have been involved in. It seems simple no nonsense for a good price is really having power. The Future Laboratory 'No Frills Affluent' seems to be a strong market for this line of products. Finally the movement of the brand away from 'Farm' and also a scratchy 'handmade' feel of the old brand (you can see on image above), perhaps is looking at the idea of are people now feeling this styling means more money and so expense which may put people off in these times?

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