Friday, 6 June 2008

Cardiff Design Festival 2008 update

It is still some months away but plans are already afoot for the 2008 Cardiff Design Festival. As previously discussed we (Hoffi) will once again be working with the festival on all of the marketing for the Festival, as well as this we are delighted to announce that we are going to be working with Sequence on the launch of a brand new website which should be launched in the early weeks of September. We are very pleased that we will be working with Sequence this year and we are sure that through this we will be able to further broaden the reach of the Festival. Through our own work with NakedWales ( it has always been central to our companies ethos to try and bring collaborations into design within Cardiff and so it is a great opportunity to work alongside such a well respected company. We are looking into some exciting additions to the site which we all hope will allow a broad design voice to be heard.

The next step for the Festival will be submissions to the Festival showcase. The call should be in early July and then after the selection and judging process has taken place the new website should launch with the 2008 showcase. We will keep you up to date as soon as possible.

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