Sunday, 8 June 2008

personalisation and the comfort

What does the ideal house for a single look like? The most interesting proposals will be presented at the Architectural Biennale in Venice, from September 14 to November 23 2008. source:

I have been looking at these type of ideas for a long time now and am definitely starting to feel a move towards a comforting bespoke future. Numerous items in our lives are making it harder and harder to be able to find our soul mate (for want for a better word). For some career don't allow it, also people are less and less likely to actually meet, deeming a virtual meeting as sufficient. design of public spaces and office spaces seemingly produced to keep people apart rather than communicating with one another. All of these and many more are seeming to pull people apart and though the 'Friends' ideal, the 'billy no mates' seems to be just as strong.

Having recently been looking at a few articles from RKS brand new open source mobile phone which allows the user to customise the applications on the phone through to the the above idea form Droog Design. I wonder whether there will be more and more items that will have to bring a familiarity to peoples lives. Rather than the attitude of I want the latest and newist. These people could say I want to get this for my 'companion'. Some people can say this has and is already happening with items like the iPhone which people religiously look after in leather cases and habitually clean the screen with their thumb, bringing back similar feelings of polishing and waxing your favourite piece of furniture. The system in the RKS phone has also just recently opened up the development of applications for the iPhone to independents, which could further increase the possibility of an emotional attachment to your 'companion'.

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