Sunday, 7 November 2010

New Service for Orange Phone users

The recent Orange Phone advert for their pay as you go customers is really interesting. Apart from being a really fun advert it does have a few other things that has been really interesting to investigate. Firstly there is an interesting idea of 'pay as you go' versus 'contract'. Traditionally my experience of the treatment of these two types of customers has been very different 'pay as you go' being seen as the lesser 'customer' compared to contract. While this may be only a perception and perhaps something to do with the fact of the culture within phone shops that seem to be catering much more for contracts (maybe due to commission??).

So the new service that has been introduced for pay as you go customers to pay for your next phone. In terms of service and adding value compared to their competitors it seems like it is a great idea. On another level their is also the element of you saving for a new phone. The idea of having to save and building compared to the last decade of spend spend spend is also I feel important and seems to bring an awareness to this. I almost think this could be made more obvious in contract phone contracts.

Finally for me there is also an interesting development of consumption and knowledge of consumption. What I mean by this is that by introducing people to the idea of saving and also the idea of products being hard to buy and not instant then it perhaps may also give an appreciation of the real value of phones and the elements they are made up of.

Would be interested in what people think?

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