Sunday, 30 May 2010

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This is a slightly different 'grouping' than the previous ones, and I must admit I didn't see it at first. This is a signage post near sophia gardens. What I find interesting about this along with the normal grouping and acceptability of stickers is the further development of the stickers. In particular the PAC MAN which is from Cardifferent. This sticker as you can see has been further enhanced by the chewing gum to create an even more emotional response. The need to these emotional responses is hugely important and has been looked at for decades both in design and in psychology. Further to my last articles on this subject, there are things that need to happen to use this type of work in successful design situations.

- We need to create environments that involve people in bringing people or objects together.
- We also need to allow people to adapt or alter in creating emotional involvement within it.

A little vague but it's coming along.


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