Friday, 19 February 2010

The critical mass or 'tipping point' of a vibrant Cardiff.

Save for three years in university and a stint travelling I have called Cardiff my home. It is only in the last two years or so that I feel like I have found out about Cardiff.

Initially this may seem a bit odd maybe I was just lazy, so I will delve deeper. For a few years now Cardiff has nurtured and seemed to encourage small enterprising businesses to set up shop in the heart and/or outskirts of Cardiff. Companies such as beatbox bars who have opened buffalo bar, 10 feet tall and more recently mr smiths. Or the group that for many years has been responsible for secret carnival, milgi and the newly opened Cardiff Arts Institute. All follow from an older tradition based in the canton area called CHAPTER. This is where my thinking begins. With a question of now the newly developed CHAPTER has become newly refurbished with more space and perhaps a perceived establishment?

While this could be seen as a negative I feel it could be the next stage in the development of Cardiff and it's ability to develop genuine authentic and new creative hubs and works that are no longer in the shadow of other larger cities. With the recent launch of National Theatre Wales the city has gained another asset that can only add to this mass.

I therefore am wondering whether the generation that are now in their mid twenties through to mid thirties are becoming Doers? sick of 'waiting' for funding or things to move on, instead they are actually doing things themselves. This is a personal account of things and something I am hopefully going to flesh out in the next year or so.

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