Friday, 19 February 2010

Change on the bus

OK this may be a well known fact, but having lived in Cardiff for many years I was shocked by the latest bit of knowledge I gained a few weeks ago. As most visitors or infrequent public transport users have experienced. Cardiff Bus seems to be one of the only transport companies that doesn't give change. So if the fare is £1.50 and you have £2 then you lose the 50p. That is until now? well not really sure when it happened. Around two weeks ago I was getting onto a number 6 Bay bus consigned to losing a pound as I had two £2 coins and wanted a day to go. Head down already late I pop the coins into the slot when the driver asks me a question. I don't really hear him at first, then after a Pardon? he repeats these words: Do you want a change voucher for that?

I immediately react with yes please slightly quicker than you would normally answer as the excitement is too much. I am informed that I have to take the voucher to Wood Street to get my money back. A very happy smile on my face...

change at last

change at last


Simon O'Rafferty said...

they have had the change receipt in Dublin for years. Few people manage to hand them in because there was only one office in the city that would give the refund. People weren't inclined to walk 20+ minutes for 30-50 cent.

It was soon realised that there were millions of Euros of change receipts floating around unclaimed. Charities start having collection boxes and PO Boxes just for bus change receipts.

I'm sure there are lots of other ways they could form an alternate currency..

Julian Sykes said...

many they could put the unreturned vouchers towards a venture?