Saturday, 26 September 2009

MA nearly over

I have been trying to blog for the last month or so and only now have had a chance to catch up on some work. Until very recently I had always thought there was time to blog, that was until recently when I have had no time to do anything. I have been working generally a 18 - 20 hour day trying to get my MA and Hoffi work done. Now it is nearly over I have the MA completed we have applied for a recent big tender and have been to some really big pitches. Only have one more big day on Monday and then it's back to being a bit less hectic.

For me the MA has made for a great year in terms of learning and developing thoughts and ideas for the future of Hoffi and also the future of me personally. My final project for the name titled 'ARK' is slowly being formed through regular meetings with Lynsey and Simon. I hope that we have something that becomes a genuine venture for the future. The private show is this wednesday and I should get feedback at around the same time, fingers crossed.

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