Saturday, 26 September 2009

Challenging creativity - new thoughts

I came across this project by Emma Smart recently after finding the link via Tom Harle's blog. The project named 'Creative Studio' got me thinking about recent projects I have been working on and also our studio space back at Hoffi. It is quite easy to get sucked into becoming stagnent within the place we work, at Hoffi we try and change our work area in terms of position and style about every 6 months, everyone complains about it because they have to move all their stuff but after three years I have always felt refreshed by the move.

The theory goes back to some work I was involved in over seven years ago in university. The piece was centered around office workers and focal points. The theory being that if you have the same stimuli day in day out your senses start to regress and take things for granted. Ultimately you can become depressed and unhappy. In the business we are in it can also lead to lack of creativity.

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