Monday, 16 March 2009

Understanding the authenticity of a company

Up until innocent smoothies, it seems as though companies would strive to be as big as possible and the idea of being authentic or believable in that their story seemed to be unimportant. Since innocent however and also an ever growing move towards customer feedback and power. Companies are more and more informing people about their story and what they are up to. While this is not a new thing. Keeping with innocent who have now been trading for over 10 years now there does seem to be a growing development into this kind of storytelling. 

The story has become crucial and just as important as the product. However each story seems to hold true only within a very small area. For example companies stories have to be believable. So does this limit the size of future businesses? will it mean more niche markets? A company for every group perhaps? You can see the original stories of companies becoming disconnected with their original stand. Innocent for example are now the market leaders in the smoothie market and have a huge annual turnover, yet their story is of a small independent company. In marketing terms a David against Goliath battle. In this case though David did exactly what he did in the fable and now you start to question who is the minnow. And so does it now follow that the original story of small independent company in touch with their customers hold true?

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