Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Blast Theory exhibition

This weekend me and Allie went to Exeter to have a look at the Blast Theory exhibition. After twenty years Blast Theory have created some great projects. The exhibition covered five of their best from stampede to can you see me know. It's the first time I have been to Exeter and it's a bit bigger than I thought so there were to delight of Allie some vintage shops to have a look in (she recommends them to anyone if you go there).

blast theory adventure

Anyway back to the exhibition. I am not going through all of the pieces but basically I loved them. I think there is something about Blast Theories work that they have done everything you want to do. They inspire you to go out and try something which I think can only be a testament of the pieces. I also really liked the way it was exhibited in Space X. I think what was also really interesting is looking back at how technology has allowed them to do new things but fundamentally the artistic nature and idea of what they were seems to have been there right from the start.

blast theory adventure

I think the thing that most stood out from the projects shown was the idea of the individual experience. Which for me personally is an ongoing issue with us trying to create games that have narrative and a mass participation nature yet feel individual. And above that again can make them to be sustainable. There is always going to be a debate about how games and story do or do not work together. And games such as everwake for us are experiments to see how this can work. slipping between technology and the physical. And this is what I felt Blast Theory was really investigating in an exciting way.

So that was it, a great day a bit cold but brilliant day. And then just as we decided to go home we chanced upon the sixth blast theory experience of the day. While walking around the museum in Exeter we saw the below. Allie had in the back of her mind that she had seen the name and we decided to give the number a ring. And we were taken through a very different tour of the museum.

blast theory adventure


Matt Adams said...

Hi Julian, I'm really glad you liked the show. Thanks for the post.

Julian Sykes said...

Hi Matt,

No problem. Thanks for sharing the pieces. A lot of food for thought.