Sunday, 23 October 2011

playARK - Games & Talks

So at the heart of thinkARK we wanted to do projects that hopefully helped us explore social issues within our community. We also wanted to then share knowledge between the group of skills and expertise. More so in the last few projects we have made this aspect of shred knowledge being part of the actual projects we have created.

I think this has been at the fore more than any other event than at the recent playARK festival. As this was our first event fo this kind both in terms of thinkARK but also in terms of games we wanted to explore what play, creativity and games was to people and rather than keep the learning internal why not share the knowledge between as many people as possible? And then for those who have this knowledge or have just learnt this knowledge through the talks how about them practicing certain aspects of game and play through the second day of games.

I think the idea of a multi-discipline event if you like is something that I would like to explore more. In some ways as well I wonder if it could be incorporated and integrated even more. A lot more work i know but I wonder how much more people would get out of it?

HHHhhhmmmm I will have to have a think.

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