Sunday, 23 October 2011

experience and a life in BETA

Over the last two years I have tapped into something that has always been with me. The concept of journey and experience is within us all but there is a difference when you decide to use this within how you live and how you work. I am passionate about always pushing and developing and ultimately doing.

This has led me and a group of others to be constantly developing new projects that challenge everything from time restrictions right through to technology and how businesses operate. I think what is also interesting is how this has always been with me but never really focused on it some how. The work I do for Hoffi for example is always very different we try to look at the company and design things to fit we do not design something to a house style for example. This has gone even further with the recent projects with thinkARK and the games I have been working on with Allie through everwake and playARK.

So what am I getting at? Well I think the concept is to realise failure is GOOD and should be embraced. And while I don't want to get too philosophical you only get one chance in this life, so why not leave it with the idea that you tried everything you could have in all the fileds you thought of. Remembering every minute you put into a project or journey is a minute closer to the goal or a minute more of rich content and understanding within that field. You put the time in and you get the results (in time). I guess finally the one point to leave you with is the idea of if things arn't moving fast enough in a project then keep at it and if you find yourself with some extra time on your hands why not start something else that might feed into the project later on down the line?

Everything will help you even if it to simply say that isn't what I want to do. Hope that wasn't too much of a rant.

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