Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fascinated with Barcelona

I have finally visited the city that is Barcelona, I managed to get out there for four days. over the weekend just gone. To many people the fact that I didn't see the cathedral or any gaudi stuff would have ment I wouldn't have had a good time. But for me I wanted to get a feel for Barcelona in a local sense. I was lucky to be staying with friends who have been there now for about half a year or so so they pointed us out to different areas which were really great places.

It's an interesting town in the sense that it is only european city i can think of that seems to have been planned. And funny thing is, it actually works. I because quite interested in this aspect of the city and have thought about alot since. I was particularly interested in the idea of public pride in the city, which in many ways feels very similar to the Welsh sense of pride. This is born out in their love of their team Barcelona and also for me the refuge system was of great interest odd I know but the whole different approach to it struck me.

Due to the wide streets large bins which are cater for different material waste are set up along the roads, so in essence removing 'bin day' allowing the streets to be cleaner as litter is not pulled apart by animals in the night, and everyone looks after the bins everyone is responsible rather than just looking after your own.


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