Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Copenhagen and that

Having been involved in the recent Eco Network events setup by ecodesign centre coupled with the goings on in Copenhagen. I have been thinking recently about how 'eco' issues are presented to a client and also where the line exists between design and 'eco'

What I mean by this is that historically 'eco' and more recently 'green washing' have become bolt on's to an existing product. "We have improved this product by making it's packaging out of sustainable materials". So the belief that 'eco' is an added luxury rather than being intrinsically linked within an overall approach to a project/product. A recent product that has been introduced by Kenco is interesting for me.

They have recently launched a new form of packaging. Instead of the traditional glass jar they have moved to a re-sealable poly bag. With over 97% less packaging it seems like a huge improvement. But there are a few questions that come up.

Firstly if this is the best solution why are all the other products that Kenco sell not in these bags?

Secondly with the idea of recycling plastic and paper through our council recycling schemes we come up against another issue. Currently the plastic used for the bags are not recyclable and for them to be of further use in other products etc. It is advised on the Kenco website to send freepost to a firm to deal with it. I wonder how many people will do this?

For me I think people making changes in a positive way is a great start and indeed a start of a very difficult journey. That is if the changes are for genuine change to make a difference rather than for marketing purposes and ultimately to sell more goods.

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