Sunday, 27 September 2009

2.0 web - making - and 2.0 branding

Over recent times the development of the internet and associated technologies has moved platforms from talking at you to engaging with you and starting a dialogue. This development has been directly mirrored in the branding world. Kevin Roberts CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi coined 'Lovemarks' which represent the new version of successful brands of the future. These brands firstly live via hugely emotional connections. They also have moved into an attraction economy rather than the attention economy of yesteryear. The main idea of the branding of the future is that it is always changing, and the printed world will be out of date by the time your customer reads it. So with the development of internet technologies and the new way of thinking about branding the next ten years or so could be of great interest for the development of branding.

Since I began to being involved in 'Graphics' I always felt a bit at a lost end, the first design agency I worked at was highly structured and it was hard to engage in creativity, other than that taking place on screen, as a trained 3D Designer who worked their concepts by making and sketching, it probably looking back at it made me stronger on a computer but my creativity took a while to get back to where is was. This act of Making though has I believe suffered within branding and brand communications, and it is clear that the companies that have managed to maintain making within their structure have become very successful. I also am starting to include making in terms of technology making. Companies such as Moving Brands with their We are scarf have played with the concept of making and I believe the dialogue in the trials of the technology and system made the project strong.

In another way a company called proud creative who were responsible for the re-brand of S4/C
a few years ago also have a strong feel of making within their business. Now I am not sure if I feel these are cool companies because I like the idea of making or whether their potential clients will pick on this.

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Minter said...

Web creatives are faced with a significant challenge these days: accountability. By having the performance boom come down so decisively (due to the ease of measurability) on overly "creative" creations, the creative spirit must be extremely resilient to keep coming up with new and adapted ideas for the ever-changing world.

I like your idea of the attraction economy versus the attention economy.