Friday, 19 June 2009

UWIC - communication degree show 2009

Well a very busy day yesterday. After working on a few things that had to go out before end of play we raced off to see the UWIC degree shows. Also this year there were two lectures from elmwood and Wales at Home. First up was Nicola Wilkes, editor of Wales at home. She spoke about how you can breakthrough using PR. I was remembering back to when I graduated and how valuable that particular lecture would have been to me. I hope the people who are thinking about exhibiting in the festivals this year take on some of her advice.

Secondly was Richard Scholey, one of the Creative Directors at elmwood. I have previously heard elmwood's chairman Jonathan Sands talk at an event organised by Design Wales so I was interested on a number of levels to hear someone else from elmwood. Firstly would the talk be a carbon copy of Jonathan's? would he have the same inspirational things to talk about? how would he compare? While a bit biased (all my family are from Yorkshire) there is a certain sense of humour of a northerner that works amazingly well in presentations.

The work shown was once again very inspirational and always a bit like 'wish I had thought of that', but what I really came away with was transparency. Something we have been working on at Hoffi (really ever since we started i guess) is to be very transparent and open both with our clients and with our employee's. It seems particularly vital in these economic times to be open and to be as approachable as possible. I feel in someways this is not something that cannot be engineered within a business it is more like something that is built within the foundations of the company. While only a small company we invest heavily in training and try and make everyone aware of what we are doing and where we are going both in terms of sales and also in business developments.

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