Monday, 8 June 2009

iPhone 3G S - announced on american site

There have been rumours of the latest incarnation of the iPhone for months and some sneak previews of the new bits and pieces that will be incorporated into the Phone. For me personally I got a 3G iPhone a few months ago and as you start to use the phone you start to realise how brilliantly it works. I always described it to people as mobile phones up to now have functioned yet the iPhone just works. The way you can switch from text to web to email are fantastic and truly groundbreaking, with some of the finger gestures being incorporated in to the most recent MacBooks (interesting if this would have happened if Mac never went into phones). 

Yet as time goes on the shine dulls and you start looking a bit more objectively at the iPhone. In someways the iPhone is a victim of it's own success, because it works so well you think it should do other things automatically and then get annoyed when it does have the ability. For me the obvious things that the 3G model should definitely had was the ability to send an image with a text, be able to rotate the keyboard allowing for bigger fingers, record video and finally copy and paste from application to application. So fast forward to the 3G S and all of these have been incorporated into the new model plus having a better camera quality (i secretly wanted that as well). 

So the question as always with Mac is are their products designed we obvious gaps in their products which allow for 'new' models? It's an age old issue and very much a chicken and egg situation. On the one hand you could argue if you only brought out a product when 100% happy with it you would never bring it out at all, as it would always be in production. Yet on the other hand are companies such as iPhone designing with definite stages in mind to maximize sales and profit.

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