Saturday, 30 May 2009

WMC - Breakin the Bay 2009

Over the last few years we have worked with Wales Millennium Centre on their Breakin the Bay season. It's an interesting brand that we produced around about three years ago now, and in some ways from people actually seeing it it is one of the most successful. Since the WMC's re-brand they have since appointed an in-house designer so this year we have not produced the visuals however the styling has been taken from previous years and made there own. 

What is interesting is how a design agency sees this. In someways you would imagine that we would be upset that we have not got the job again, but I personally see this as short sighted. We have worked with the WMC on the branding project and as well as the visuals from previous years we have been able to impart values into this years project, ultimately we have given them the tools and now they are making the brand their own. 

This is very much how we have worked with other clients, working with them to refresh and invigorate brands and then leaving them with an understanding and belief in their brand values so they may take ownership. Then at strategic times we come in again to review and measure the effectiveness of the work and move things on. Brands are constantly evolving so it always has to be monitored. To see some of recent work have a look at branding section on the Hoffi website.

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