Sunday, 24 May 2009

twitter, to tweet, tweeting,

As with everyone recently it seems like there has been no end to twittering or tweeting in our office. It has very much followed the same pattern as most of the things we get involved in. One of us gets into it first them makes the others try it out. The the novelty dies down or more likely we get really busy and it gets placed on the back burner. Then a few weeks later a project always seems to come up that would be great to use the new technology so we all get back into it.

We have been using twitter with cradle so first of all get exposure of the project out there in the public domain but also using it for a informal chat to potential customers to really ask them who and what they really want, we hope this will turn into a great project fro us to publish the findings in future months. We also feel it could be a possible direction of how 'good' customer online service might develop. Notoriously the idea of customer service and that of just service has been blurred within e-com over recent years, and on a personal level perhaps this goes some way towards gaining the ground back to putting customer not fist but actually acknowledging they exist. To keep up to date on what we are all up to see Andrew's tweets here, Carwyn's here and mine here, we also have one setup for hoffi but we will be doing something slightly different for that one so watch this space.

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