Wednesday, 13 May 2009

It's all about customer service

I came across an article about the growth of an online company called zappos the other day, which I found very interesting. It's refreshing that a company can be so strong in terms of keeping it's customer service being the most important thing. I also have been thinking about companies that have recently appeared on the market or have been around for years. Many of the ones we hear about these days all have pushed customer service or their internal culture so they keep ahead of the market. It almost seems like a karma for business is being formed. If we do business in a genuinely open and ethical way then we will become successful.

I can imagine cynics will be saying that it is all just whitewashing etc, however perhaps with the internet and social media coming to give people instant information about companies perhaps companies that claim but are not will be found out. Below is a film of CO of Zappos who talks about how they work as a company.

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