Thursday, 28 May 2009

Barcelona football shirt - UNICEF

Over the last few months I have started to realise the power of companies have for change. It has been around for years but for me it is the variety of companies that can put helping the community at the fore of their brand.

An example of this is the recent Champions League winners Barcelona, for 107 years Barcelona Football Club had held up a hugely ethical/community orientated stand about their football kit. Being one of the largest clubs in the world they could have easily earned millions of pounds by having a sponsor emblazoned on the front, yet they did not. The club is a unique club in many ways with the club actually being owed by their supporters. It was not until Barcelona chairman Juan Laporta admitted in 2005 that it was inevitable that they would have to get a sponsorship deal to compete in the marketplace. At first it was reported it would be a large company from Qatar that would be taking the coverted space. This announcement was hug in Barcelona and something the world of football could not really understand, it was also interesting how people instantly associated the sponsor with huge multi-nationals. 

"It will not be the brand name of a corporation. It will not be a commercial to promote some kind of business. It will be the logo of 'Unicef'. Through Unicef, we, the people of FC Barcelona, the people of 'Barça', are very proud to donate our shirt to the children of the world who are our present, but especially are our future."

Now this is a hugely interesting and classic modern brand development project. The obvious would have been a huge company backing a huge club. i.e. Chelsea and Samsung. But fundamentally Barcelona are about community and about people above them being a business they are part of the Catalunya way. Through their club they compete against their fiercest rivals Real Madrid. For them it goes beyond football as well. But once you go back to basics the brand of BFC is giving their people a place for enjoyment, a place to call home and a place meet friends. 

With this in mind UNICEF is perfect to work with. The brand values are very similar and also the stand Barcelona has taken in giving something back not only to it's people but to the world beyond. That is why true brand development that has it's principles and ethics within a common community goal being some of the most exciting at the moment.

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