Monday, 25 May 2009


This year for me seems to be the year for anniversary's, nearly every time you switch on the television there is an advert taking about a company's birthday. So far I have come across, Karcher, M&S, Google and Sainsbury's it is also someone's 60th but I can't remembers who. What has been interesting about it though is almost a question as to why they are advertising their length of time in our consciousness.

It seems that in these times of uncertainty companies are using their birthday as reassurances that they are going to be here next year. For some companies such as M&S which is 125 years old celebrations are obvious, but 140? I am lost what significance that has in relation to Sainsbury's birthday celebrations. Finally there is another thought that people are growing sick of high prices for foods and products that they believe should be cheaper, but for companies it is not simply a matter of them reducing their prices because people then start to question, why were they not that cheap in the first place? So they need a birthday for the excuse. This maybe a bit cynical and I would welcome other peoples opinion.

Finally the picture of the M&S jam I had to buy it because they have gone back and made the labeling retro, and the retro feel made me go and buy clotted cream and scones. They were yummy.

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