Tuesday, 28 April 2009

ATM for books

I have been meaning to put this on for a few days know. My father actually spotted it for me. The piece was written in the Friday 24th April edition of the Daily Mail by Daniel Bates. The machine known as the Espresso Book Machine is designed to print and bind books at a simple click of a button. In Britain Blackwell bookstores will be fitting the machines into a number of their stores over the next few months. 

For me this piece comes at a really good time as the question of making items onsite and to order as opposed to stack it high mentality, very similar to a piece my colleague Andrew found a month or so ago. It would be interesting to know if in the making of the book people become more attached to the volume in comparison to one just bought off a shelf.

For a quick description of how it works:

1. Customer chooses book on list or prints their own by inserting a cd or usb, they then click the 'Make Book' icon.

2. book cover is printed on thick paper and waits for rest of book to be printed.

3. printer prints book pages at 105 pages per minute.

4. pages are printed collated and clamped ready for glueing.

5. the spine is roughed up and glued together and cover is attached.

6. book is now trimmed to required size. 

7. Finally finished book is received with the whole process taking no longer than five minutes.

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