Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Temporary experiences

Following on from a number of recent blogs I came across a concept setup by BONJIN. Bonjin eatery has been going now for around 2 years serving Japanese food in the New York area. At first that does not seem very different to any other Japanese restaurant. The difference is that they use other peoples kitchens and move from kitchen to kitchen every month or so. This one-off feel to the whole dining concept follows on from the article I reported on with the mobile Taco company that advertises through twitter, and also the manipulation of the billboard into a brand new retail space.

Japan as a culture seems to always come up with these type of ideas, indeed Bathing Ape's Nowhere pop-up shops probably started this trend and it does seem that the customer is going to be more and more looked up rather than the customer visiting the retail space. 

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