Tuesday, 3 March 2009

History of MUJI internationally - part 3

Through this new found popularity MUJI launched their first store out of Japan, in July 1991 they opened in London, and since then they have become a truly international brand opening stores from France to Hong Kong. From the early nineties MUJI expanded it's product range in ever more diverse directions. In 1995 they launched household electrical appliances such as telephones, electric cookers and refrigerators. Also in 1995 the company was listed for the very first time and people could buy shares of the company. In 1999 they added maternity wear and children's clothes to their product line all following on the lines of the original concept of affordable and high quality. 2001 saw MUJI work with another household Japanese brand. By working with Nissan the two companies designed the MUJI automobile.

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