Friday, 17 October 2008

DME award - WMC

It has been a busy week at Hoffi as well as arrange an event for designers and student of Cardiff we also visited the WMC for the DME Award ceremony. As previously mentioned in one of my earlier blog entries one of our clients had been shortlisted for his latest product. SoBor - fruit smoothies was noted as being a very strong entry and gained an honourary mention. It is a very busy time for SoBor at the moment as they have just managed to get orders in a number of independent boutique hotels and bars.

Some of the other companies that where either winners or honourably mentioned were, Virgin Atlantic, KTM and edf energy to name but a few. As well as showing all of the entry submissions after the award ceremony there were some of the products also there in particular there was a KTM RC8 bike which I am now officially in love with and have to definitely pass my bike test next summer so I can get on one.

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