Monday, 14 July 2008

Learning to drive in Cardiff

Having always worked and studied in fairly big cities and in my early years always being skint the whole driving lessons past me by. I did start lessons when I was about 17 but at that time I was heavily into rock climbing and I had a decision as to whether I should go on a long climbing trip or finish my lessons. For me there was really no contest and I went for the holiday. Since then though I have never really needed a car as I have always been able to get by. That is until this year and with hoffi being busier than ever it is really been necessary for me to learn. So as of last month I got in contact with a few schools and came across Streetwise and I have to say they have been really good, so far it is going really well and my lessons are going well. I think the only thing now is I have got pass my theory test. Fingers crossed and so if you see me with L plates on please be kind.

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