Tuesday, 11 December 2007

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The branding for Ted and Karlsson is coming along really well. From the initial design concepts produced by third year students in UWIC, we have chosen a concept to develop further. The brand is all about how people have total control over their Ted and Karlsson product/s, they can chose the colour, the materials, even the era and Ted and Karlsson go out and find the perfect match. The concept and brand idea of Ted and Karlsson follows a trend that we have noticed over the last few years, but is only now really coming to prominence.

While it seems more and more things are becoming utilitarian and functional, such as the introduction of car sharing schemes, which have been used for many years in Europe but are now only recently coming to the UK, certain products such as the Apple iPhone and i Mac are simple and intuitive to use, and finally the whole shopping experience is changing giants like TESCO and ASDA are allowing truly one stop shopping, and with the explosion of websites like amazon customers do not even have to go out to buy what they want.

As well as this trend we seem to also be seeing a parallel trend that runs almost hand in hand with. With house prices being at an all time high, and many people not being able to get onto the property ladder. People are needing products and services to be more and more personal and exclusive, the Ted and Karlsson range plugs into this idea, and just like people buy a few pieces of furniture from IKEA, it is becoming more and more common for people to buy that extra special piece of furniture to accessorize their rented apartment or house. When launched early in 2008 Ted and Karlsson will give a very special experience for the client, allowing them total control, and producing such a bespoke experience for the client that they will come back again and again.

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